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Lettre manuscrite d'Henri Dutilleux

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Henri Dutilleux's letter

About Roberto Benzi...

Paris, September 2nd, 2003

Everybody knows that, since his childhood, Roberto Benzi focused interest and admiration from the international musical world by the richness of his gifts, an instinctive musical sensibility and a particularly refined and sharp hearing.

Having been attentive to the steps of his french and international career, I have appreciated the evolution of his temperament happily devoted to the music of all times, as well in symphonic repertoire than in opera field.

I want to express my gratitude for the interest he showed to my compositions in many circumstances, and specially during the fall of 1991 by organizing in the Netherlands a festival of my works during nearly 6 weeks in important musical and cultural centers like Haarlem, Utrecht, Arnhem... facing numerous audiences whose interest for french music he has contributed to develop.

I am among those who think that our country and mainly the responsible of our culture must engage more regularly Roberto Benzi for his talent that I sincerely greet.

Henri Dutilleux